White Pines Nature Preserve

White Pines Nature Preserve

548 S Rocky River Road, Sanford, NC 27330


White Pines Nature Preserve is Triangle Land Conservancy’s 285 acre flagship property and the most biologically significant, home to federally endangered fish and plant species. Located at the confluence of the Deep and Rocky rivers, White Pines is a great hiking spot. The preserve supports several strands of white pines, a tree that is normally found in the cooler mountain region of North Carolina. Many other mountain plants and wildflowers including Catawba rhododendron grow at White Pines too. The hiking trails offer beautiful views of the forest and the rivers. The Gilbert Yager Trail explores the southern portion of the preserve, meandering through several distinct forest types: dry oak-hickory forest on the ridge, Piedmont bottomland forest in the Deep River floodplain, and several stands of native white pines. Part of the NC Birding Trail.

Triangle Land Conservancy

Triangle Land Conservancy Nature Preserves are located around the Triangle and open for you to explore for free, year-round, from dawn to dusk. Guided tours are available occasionally, but otherwise, tours are self-guided.

White Pines Trail: 0.7 miles.
River Trail: 1.1 miles.
Deep Bluffs Trail: 0.7 miles.
Gilbert Yager Trail: 0.8 miles.
Schoolkids Trail: 1 mile.
Shiner’s Way: 1 mile.
Rocky Bluffs Trail: 0.5 miles.
2 parking lots (1 at Shiner’s Way Trailhead and 1 at Schoolkids, Gilbert Yager, and White Piens Trailheads).
Canoe launch by Rocky River off River Trail.
Canoe drop-off where White Pines and River Trails intersect.

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