Jordan Lake Educational State Forest

Jordan Lake Educational State Forest

2832 Big Woods Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27517


Jordan Lake Educational State Forest (JLESF) is a unique outdoors experience. Located between the Piedmont and Coastal Plain, this forest showcases a wide variety of pines and hardwoods found in wetland ecosystem. Outdoor educational workshops, picnic facilities, ranger-conducted classes, and the “Talking Tree” trail.

North Carolina Forest Service

JLESF is open mid-March to mid-November, Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm, as well as Saturday and Sunday, 11am-8pm during daylight savings time and 11am-5pm during eastern standard time. They do not charge any fees for use of programs – admission and parking are free. Reservations are required for groups.

Picnic area, public restrooms

Yes: Pets are permitted in all state parks, as long as:

They are on an attended leash of no longer than 6 feet.
They are under the constant control of the owner.
They are on pedestrian trails only.

Pet owners who do not have their pets on a leash will receive a fine. Owners may be asked to remove dangerous or noisy pets from the state park.

Pet owners must pick up after their pets. Pet waste is not fertilizer and should not be left on the ground. It is toxic and harmful to plants and other animals in the state park. Pet waste can also transmit disease and puts other state park visitors at risk. Properly dispose of pet waste in garbage bins. Do not throw waste bags in the woods or leave them on the ground.

Pets are not permitted off-trail. Many rare plants live on thin soils and wet rocks and are vulnerable to climbing, trampling, and scraping. Visitors with pets should yield to all other trail users, including bicyclists and equestrians, when possible.

Pets are allowed in most state park campgrounds. Overnight, pets must be confined to the owner’s tent or vehicle during quiet hours. Pets are not permitted in cabins. Pets are not allowed in the bathhouses or swimming areas. Pets are strictly prohibited from entering any building, with the exception of service animals and authorized search and rescue dogs.

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, except in designated areas.

Visitors shall not be or become intoxicated while within any state park or recreation area.

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