Devil’s Tramping Ground Road – Scenic Byway

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Devil’s Tramping Ground Road – Scenic Byway

NC 902, Multiple Cities (Pittsboro, Bear Creek), NC 27207


A colorful part of the Scenic Byway program–an intriguing legend!

Start in Pittsboro and enjoy incredible landscapes on the country miles to Bear Creek. The scenic byway is particularly appealing during fall, with vibrant and dramatic color at every turn. Your treat once you arrive in Bear Creek is Southern Supreme, a family-owned and operated business (30 years!) where you’ll enjoy southern hospitality, tastings, tours, and shopping. Read more about the mystery and find more information here.

North Carolina Department of Transportation

The site, Devil’s Tramping Ground, is private property. The N.C. Scenic Byway was originally named Devil’s Stomping Ground Road, by NC DOT. Program coordinators have since updated the name to match the site name. We honor this local lore by sharing this scenic stretch of road with you.

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