Deep River Park and Camelback Truss Bridge

Deep River Park and Camelback Truss Bridge

3485 R Jordan Road, Gulf, NC 27330


Deep River Park and Camelback Truss Bridge is a 4-acre property that sits on the Chatham County-Lee County line and provides scenic views, wonderful picnicking spots, and canoeing and kayaking (primitive) access. Camelback Truss Bridge spans the deep river and was originally constructed in 1908. It underwent many reconstructions and renovations between then and 1992 and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the North Carolina Transportation Hall of Fame. The bridge is lighted at night.

Deep River Park Association

The Chatham Sports Alliance is the first point of contact for all questions regarding Deep River Park and Camelback Truss Bridge. Some events hosted here include weddings and paddling excursions.

There is a parking lot, three uncovered picnic tables, a grill, two covered picnic shelters, a small playground, and kayak and canoe access. No restroom facilities are on-site, but there is a port-a-potty. Put-in/take-out is on the left side of the Deep River (there is a concrete ramp).

There are a couple of marked ADA-accessible parking spots near the front of the bridge.

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